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Nebraska Workers Compensation Legislative Update

Nebraska Workers Compensation Legislative Update

May 19, 2021 | Smith, Mills & Schrock Law

The Nebraska Legislature has moved the following bills to Final Reading.


Expansion of Settlement Releases

LB 256, as introduced, provides that a release may be used to finalize an agreement to resolve all issues other than future medical when the injured worker is Medicare eligible, a Medicare beneficiary or a has a reasonable expectation of Medicare eligibility within 30 months from the date of settlement.


Mental-mental Injuries

LB 407, as introduced, provides that county correctional officers in high population counties may be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits for mental-mental injuries if the conditions of employment were extraordinary and unusual in comparison to the normal conditions of the particular employment. A high population county is defined as one with more than 300,000 inhabitants (currently only Douglas and Lancaster counties fit the definition of high population)


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