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With over 80 years of combined litigation experience in a wide variety of areas, our belief is that mediation presents the best resolution available for the parties involved. Many times as an attorney you win cases you should not have won and have lost cases where your client should have prevailed. This uncertainty, increasing costs and declining ability to get a case to trial are the driving force behind our desire to be effective as lawyers helping parties resolve disputes.


Mr. Smith is available to mediate Iowa workers’ compensation cases. He has successful mediated workers’ compensation cases at the request of both the Claimant and Defendant attorney.

Mr. Smith is licensed to practice law in Iowa and Nebraska. To schedule Mr. Smith as a mediator, feel free to contact him directly at 319-286-1743 ext. 120, via email at, or contact his paralegal, Erin Gilson at either 319-286-1743 ext. 106 or


Mr. Blades began his legal career as a products liability and professional liability defense attorney in Chicago, Illinois. Mr. Blades moved back to his home town and expanded his practice to include automobile liability, medical malpractice, workers' compensation and numerous tort cases.

Mr. Blades is co-author of The Iowa Tort Guide, widely used by practicing lawyers as the primary resource on all aspects of tort laws in Iowa.

Charles Blades holds a license to practice law in the states of Illinois and Iowa. He can be reached via telephone at 866.250.1781, ext. 109, and via email at

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