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Trucking, Railroad & General Transportation 

The Firm's transportation attorneys work with trucking companies, railroads, and other major transport corporations in various litigation matters, from DOT issues to workplace injuries. The trucking and commercial transportation practice at Smith Mills Law relies upon over 20 years of experience representing trucking companies in all litigation and employment-related matters.  

The attorneys in this practice group have defended trucking companies in accidents or related litigation all over the United States. Attorneys advise clients on all aspects of their operation, from work-related injuries and cargo claims to DOT and OSHA inspections. 

Charles Blades
Rachel De Vries
Lindsey Mills

Skylar Limkemann
David Schrock
Kent Smith

Rapid Response Team / 24-Hour Emergency Response Team

The Smith Mills Law emergency response team is comprised of legal counsel, expert consultants, field adjusters and investigators to ensure the accident scene is promptly investigated.  

If you would like one of our team members to contact you, please call our offices at 866.250.1781.


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