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Family Law 

Smith Mills Law specializes in family law practice, including dissolution of marriage (divorce), adoption, and modification of dissolution decrees for child custody, visitation, and child support issues. 

Family Law is a constantly evolving area of law. One way our family lawyers serve the needs of our clients is to stay up to date and keep them informed of the latest developments in family law.  

Our divorce and child custody attorneys are well-versed in the latest case law and Iowa and Nebraska court trends regarding issues such as traditional shared and split child custody arrangements, child support guidelines, and alimony awards. 


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Family Law, Divorce and Child Custody Related Webinars, Articles & Resources

Smith Mills Law regularly provides training and information with developments of interest in the divorce and family law arenas as part of our commitment to the lay and professional communities.

Iowa Divorce Law Basics

August 18, 2017 | Attorney Samuel E. Charnetski | A divorce can, and potentially will, be one of the most difficult times of your life. Not only is a relationship spanning years coming to an end, you also have to physically divide property accumulated during your marriage. Understanding the Iowa divorce procedures: View Document

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