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Municipal Defense

Smith, Mills & Schrock Law Firm represents numerous cities and counties throughout the state of Iowa for a wide variety of municipal law matters and governmental liability claims. Our firm’s municipal practice group advises and represents dozens of Iowa cities and counties on such diverse matters as Open Meetings/Open Records issues, 42 U.S.C. Section 1983 and police liability litigation, sewer and engineering claims, employment law/wrongful termination suits, ADA claims, personal injury liability defense, construction defect claims and general municipal legal matters and liability defense.

The firm’s practice area is statewide, with our attorneys representing both large and small communities and urban and rural municipalities throughout the state. The attorneys in this practice area are well-versed in municipal law matters as well as being experienced civil liability attorneys. The firm currently represents many large and small cities as well as a number of counties across Eastern Iowa.


Iowa State Association of Counties

Practice Group Members

David Schrock (Practice Group Leader)

Rachael Neff

Skylar Limkemann

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