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Relentless Pursuit of Success for our Client Community

Smith, Mills & Schrock Law is relentless. Our attorneys are relentless in practicing law a new way – a way that uses innovation, technology and collaboration to provide legal services in a more efficient and effective manner. Unlike other law firms who may be resistant to change, Smith, Mills & Schrock’s attorneys are leading the effort to change the legal landscape. We are constantly assessing how these advancements can be shared with our client community to improve the value of the legal services Smith, Mills & Schrock Law provides in Iowa and Nebraska.


Innovation is not a catch phrase at Smith, Mills & Schrock Law but a mindset. Traditional approaches to the practice of law have proven too costly, too slow and too inefficient. Our attorneys understand that time and costs are a critical component to our client community’s success. Consequently, our law firm is client centric. We develop personalized platforms in each legal practice group specific to our client community’s culture to ensure a successful legal outcome. We call this the best practice approach.

Additionally, the firm possesses company vehicles for attorneys’ use when traveling across the Midwest. The attorneys are directly linked to the office and available to clients’ needs all while avoiding charging clients professional fees for travel: no charge for travel time. Hiring retired teachers, businessmen, policemen, and bus drivers to drive allows the attorneys to use time on the road constructively by continuing to respond to clients and prepare for file activities.

Smith, Mills & Schrock Law’s attorneys take more risks, evaluate their failures and seek continuous improvement in the relentless pursuit of success for our legal community.


Smith, Mills & Schrock Law’s attorneys utilize the ever-increasing array of technology to become more proficient at the practice of law. This includes using state-of-the-art technology to achieve successful outcomes for our client community. We at Smith, Mills & Schrock Law embrace the vast amounts of data metrics and analytics available to identify emerging trends to predict challenges. Our attorneys collaborate with our client community to develop these personalized, analytic platforms to ensure our client’s needs are met timely, responsively, and efficiently.

All key documents are always scanned to an electronic database and fully utilized case management software to provide attorneys and paralegals continuous access to case-related information . Each office is connected directly to each other with high-speed fiber-optic internet access allowing for seamless communication. Additionally, each attorney is provided secured smartphones with advanced applications allowing constant access and synchronization with the office phones, voicemail, dictation, and legal research.


We listen, relentlessly. We create the narrative for your story. Our attorneys understand successful outcomes are predicated on a partnership with our client community. Teamwork. Smith, Mills & Schrock Law’s attorneys communicate every day and every way. We are responsive to our client’s needs, problems and expectations. The prides itself on outstanding support services. Every legal matter has an attorney and a paralegal assigned to properly ensure the best defense possible.

Our attorneys collaborate with our client community in many ways. Our attorneys regularly provide in-house training seminars, in-person claim reviews, and complimentary legal updates throughout the year. The firm is one of the founding law firms of The Defenders, a national network of workers’ compensation defense firms who collaborate and network towards the common goal of providing outstanding legal support to all clients. Additionally, Smith, Mills & Schrock Law opened a state-of-the-art training center in 2019 to provide our client community with continued educational training in all our legal practice groups. The state-of-the-art training facility allows our attorneys to provide these opportunities to our client community both in-person and virtually.

We are the only law firm in the Midwest to offer The WoCo Summit, the firm’s annual seminar that brings together industry experts from across the Midwest (find out more here: and WoCo University, a bi-weekly series covering key topics and changes in workers’ compensation law (find out more here: WoCo University 2019)


  1. Outstanding Support Services
  2. State -of-the-art Technology and Training Center
  3. Statewide Offices Located Omaha, West Des Moines and Cedar Rapids
  4. Best Practice Approach
  5. No Charge for Travel Time
  6. The WoCo Summit and WoCo University
  7. Founding law firm of The Defenders




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Career Opportunities

At Smith, Mills & Schrock Law we are dynamic, aggressive and passionate about the practice of law. Our culture is built on a mutual respect for our client community and the relentless pursuit of success. Our values are uncompromising. We are looking for good people.

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Smith, Mills & Schrock Law Firm has offices located in Iowa and Nebraska, with lawyers licensed to practice law in state and federal venues throughout the Midwest.

Cedar Rapids, Iowa

118 3rd Avenue SE #200

Cedar Rapids, IA 52401


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West Des Moines, Iowa

1225 Jordan Creek Parkway #108

West Des Moines, IA 50266


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Omaha, Nebraska

950 S. 10th Street #22

Omaha, NE 68108


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