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Relentless Pursuit of Success for our Client Community

What Makes Smith Mills Law Different?

Our attorneys are determined to practice law using innovation, technology and collaboration to provide legal services more efficiently and effectively.  

Unlike other law firms that may resist change, Smith Mills Law attorneys are leading the effort to change the legal landscape. We are constantly assessing how these advancements are shared with our client community to improve the value of the legal services we provide in Iowa and Nebraska. 


Innovation is not a catchphrase at Smith Mills Law but a mindset. Traditional approaches to law practice are costly, too slow and inefficient.

Our attorneys understand that time and costs are critical to our client community's success. As a result, our law firm is client-centric. To ensure a successful legal outcome, we develop personalized platforms in each legal practice group specific to our client community's culture. We call this our best practice approach


Smith Mills Law attorneys utilize the ever-increasing array of technology to become more proficient in law practice, including using technology to achieve successful outcomes for our client community.

We embrace the vast data metrics and analytics available to identify emerging trends and predict challenges. Our attorneys collaborate with our client community to develop these personalized analytic platforms to ensure our clients’ needs are met timely, responsively, and efficiently.    


Smith Mills attorneys listen with patience. The attorneys at our Firm understand the importance of building relationships with our clients to achieve successful outcomes.

Clients of Smith Mills Law appreciate their attorneys’ immediate response to their problems, needs, and expectations. The attorneys at our Firm collaborate with our client community by regularly providing training seminars, claim reviews, and complimentary legal updates throughout the year.  

Smith Mills Law opened a training center in 2019 to provide our client community with continued educational training in all our legal practice groups. This facility allows our attorneys to provide training opportunities to our client community both in person and virtually. 

“The firm has always been very responsive to my many questions and needs. Thank you for all your help.”

— Linda H., Crum & Forster

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