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Fighting for the well-being of your child is an extremely emotional time. The primary goal is to make sure your child is safe, cared for and loved. We know how tough custody cases can be on parents and families. The child custody lawyers at Smith, Mills & Schrock law are here to eagerly represent parents throughout custody cases and custody battles.

In many scenarios, custody cases arise during a divorce, but take a turn for the worse when parties cannot agree. We are here to help you reach a favorable outcome without putting you and your family through undue stress. We help our clients reach negotiations to spare difficult custody battles. When custody cases must be elevated to trial due to parental rights and child well-being, we will fight tirelessly for you. Throughout these cases, our child custody lawyers will always have your child’s best interest in mind. The last thing we want is to make a difficult situation even harder on your kids.

Child Support Lawyers in Iowa

In addition to child custody lawyers, Smith, Mills & Schrock has professional and capable divorce and child support lawyers. Whether you need help arranging a child support order, modifying an existing order or collecting unpaid child support, our attorneys are equipped to represent you. Our unique and innovative approach to law ensures every client is treated as an individual, and is provided with resolutions fit to their needs. We will do what it takes to get you the child support you deserve.

Child Paternity Lawyers in Iowa

Often times, child support cases will originate as paternity cases. In order for a mother to receive child support, she must first prove paternity. Paternity proceedings can be complicated, but we will fight for you and your child. We also represent fathers who want to establish paternity and fight for their parental rights.

No matter the situation, our child custody lawyers will make sure you are informed about the timeline and steps of the proceedings. We are here to answer your questions, give you options and fight for your rights. We know your situation is unique, so we will always treat you as such.

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